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Why Shrine Circuses with

Animals Matter!


Did you know that the Shrine Circus is the biggest fundraiser of the year?


It is! When you visit the Shrine Circus your support goes towards the Shriners Centers. Shriners host circus shows exclusively for all the children with special needs, bringing them to an event they wouldn't otherwise see. If not for the Shrine Circus, many of these children would not ever be able to see, touch, ride or interact with amazing creatures like elephants, camels, lions, tigers, bears or ponies.


Seeing animals in person teaches people to care. Circus animals are ambassadors for their species, and as ambassadors they inspire people to become invested in preserving these creatures for future generations.

Circus animal ambassadors show children of all ages the strength, beauty and majesty that can only be experienced in person. Their behaviors are based in their natural abilities and honed much like Olympic athletes. The wonderment and awe they instill in the audience cannot be duplicated with photographs or internet videos. Those powerful emotions are what will teach future generations to care for all of Earth’s creatures.


Animals in human care, in the circus and with other private owners, play a vital role in helping their wild counterparts.  By providing access to often endangered species, trained animals help researchers assess the needs of the animal, find treatments to illnesses, and learn more so they can use that knowledge in conservation projects across the globe. Circus animals have been at the forefront of expanding our knowledge of endangered species for nearly 200 years. Moreover, breeding programs in human care serve as a genetic insurance policy against extinction.


Be it child or animal, we advocate the best of care. Our performing animals are all cared for by trained, licensed exhibitors who are qualified and permitted in species-specific care. Animals are part of our family and they are treated as such.


Help a child and help animals by supporting the Shrine Circus!




The Cavalry Group is a member-based private company protecting & defending the Constitutional & private property rights of animal owners and animal enterprises nationwide.

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